Lesson Learned: Do unto others
    In this weekly column, real estate agents across the nation share stories of the lessons they?ve learned during their time in the industry. This week, one of NAR's 30 under 30 Sean Anthony.

    You can now rent Biggie Smalls? childhood home for $4K a month
    The iconic rapper, otherwise known as The Notorious B.I.G., grew up in the so-called 'one room shack' in Brooklyn's Clinton Hill.

    Read it and weep: 1 in 3 owners cry while trying to sell a home
    Among those who admitted to shedding a tear, a whopping 20 percent cried 5 or more times during the agonizing process, according to a new Zillow study.

    Mortgage tech startup Blend raises $130M, adds Pixar vet to board
    Digital mortgage lending startup Blend announced Monday it's raised an additional $130 million in venture capital funding, bringing the company's total funding to $310 million. The company plans to use the capital to further grow its team of nearly 400 employees and invest in new technology.  

    JP & Associates hires former RE/MAX president Geoff Lewis
    JP & Associates Realtors announced Monday that Geoff Lewis, a veteran executive of RE/MAX, is joining JPAR's parent company Vesuvius Holdings, LLC.

    Commission is negotiable: Why your sellers deserve to know
    There seems to be a misconception about the rules surrounding negotiating commission and the Code of Ethics. I reached out to the National Association of Realtors to clear it up. Here's the truth.

    5 follow-up rules every agent should live by
    Think about it: When you are in need of service or advice from a salesperson, what makes you feel good about working with them? The golden rule, simple logic and common sense are good places to start. Here are a few simple rules to follow.

    Hope, dream and fix it: What agents can learn from 2020 candidates
    President Donald Trump rode to success with a campaign slogan that appealed to our reptilian instincts, according to marketing experts, just as President Barack Obama's "hope" campaign did. Debates will show us whether the current crop of candidates have realized the importance of these key words. How does this apply to your marketing? Find out here.

    Where is your business in the cycle of change?
    The Business Cycle of Change is inevitable in all industries. Companies navigate the five cycles ? Disruption, Acceleration, Maturation, Saturation, and Commoditization ? at different rates, impacted by internal factors, like leadership alignment, and external factors, like the economy.

    3 essentials of building great technology
    Jerry Modes has built an amazing career on using tech to solve problems and elevate the customer experience. Modes is an IT/data visionary who co-founded two wildly successful startups: Teradata, which was later acquired by AT&T, and HyperParallel, a platform that touches almost all shoppers.

    A luxury real estate agent?s summer checklist
    Summer is peak season for just about everything in the Northern Hemisphere, and luxury real estate is no exception. Real estate deals don?t close overnight, and the relaxed pace of summer can create breathing room for today?s busy homebuyer. Clients are finally free to begin the search for their next property, letting the brighter days inspire their search for the perfect home.

    Call, text or email: what?s the best way to communicate with your client?
    In real estate, effective communication is crucial, and smart agents take their client?s needs into consideration when choosing the best contact methods. In a competitive market where homes move quickly, adopting newer, faster methods of communication is essential in winning and retaining each client, especially if that customer is a millennial.

    Turn your listings into a social media lead magnet
    In the olden days, the average real estate customer journey was a nice, easy-to-understand shape. A funnel. A line. Not anymore. Today, it?s a spiral inside a maze. And your marketing to today?s home buyer and seller has more avenues than it ever has before.

    What advice would you give newbies? 8 tips from seasoned pros
    What can a new agent do to adjust to the job as quickly as possible? Inman asked seasoned real estate professionals to give their top advice for newbie agents. Here's what they said.

    After 40 years, Coldwell Banker begins rolling out a new logo and branding
    Following the tests this summer, Coldwell Banker plans to debut final branding standards during a leadership summit in September. Then, a company-wide rollout will begin in January 2020, though individual offices and franchisees will have as many as two years to gradually adopt the new imagery.

    We?re in a ?homebody era,? and that means a housing shortage for years to come
    In May 2019, the average tenure of homeowners in the U.S. ? that is, the amount of time a typical homeowner lives in their home ? rose 10 percent year-over-year to 11.3 years.

    Amazon is selling a transparent dome igloo
    Along with a $7,000 DIY home that sold out not long after being posted online, Amazon is selling a $1,200 geoplastic dome kit for the backyard.

    Zacks analyst: Zillow Offers will ?make or break? the tech giant
    Technology is transforming real estate, and iBuying is taking center stage, according to Daniel Laboe, an analyst at Zacks, an investment research firm.